Is silica dust better than Tempo for bed bug control and extermination? I have been asking myself this question for a while and recently decided to put it to test. I treated three unit apartment building with mild bed bug infestation and decided to use silica dust in one of the units and applied Tempo in two other apartments since Tempo is for me a true and tested for residual protection from bed bugs. As always all three units were prepared for treatment, the drawers were emptied and mattress encasements applied. Electronics and other items that could not be washed/heat dried were placed in fumigation bags with PPVD.  Apholstered furniture and wooden bed frames were steamed. This same method was used to apply both dusts ( Exacticide ) for crack and crevice on very low volume. Right of the bat, you can tell that silica dust lingers in the air a lot longer, which is not great since the re-entry time for the residents will be longer . other than that not much of a difference as far as application is concerned.

Two weeks later during follow up visit similar results. Units treated with Tempo show 100% control whereas unit treated with pure silica dust shows few lingering bed bugs (climbup monitors were used for monitoring purposes).

Considering the fact that silica dust will be affected by even slightest amount of humidity and moisture

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  1. Firstly thanks for sharing a great experience, in fact, bed bugs are the most difficult to exterminate a pest. In future this kind of things we want to be employed and include in our service if possibly get right kind of bed bug extermination.

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