K&A Pest Control – Serving RI & MA

npma logo blueOur mission is to provide our clients in RI and Mass with the most effective and environmentally responsible Bed Bug Extermination possible at the most competitive price. Yes, we are a 100% dedicated Bed Bug Exterminator.

We are licensed and insured in Rhode Island as well as Massachusetts. Our methodology is supported by a deep understanding of bed bug’s biology, feeding and nesting habits. Many years of experience in property management and construction give us a unique knowledge of how bed bug infestation starts, how this parasite selects shelter, and how bed bugs move from one area to another.

We understand that finding the right bed bug treatment can be challenging. Our proven system is very different from all other methods.  We selected only the best concepts in other approaches, we tested and modified them to fit a congruent, science-based bed bug treatment protocol which is based on mechanical/thermal approach and bed bug biology and feeding habits not on pesticide manufacturer’s claims or unsupported by reliable reviews promises of other companies claiming to specialize in bed bug control.

We recognized over 10 years ago that bed bugs present a unique problem where conventional pest control practices are simply ineffective and more importantly, add to the spreading of the infestation.  At that time our focus has shifted to bed bugs and developing a reliable, safe, fast, and long-lasting solution.

Before we commit your hard-earned money and our effort to any project, a thorough interview and evaluation of the current environment will be conducted. Only then,  a specific bed bug treatment program will be created and presented to our customers. These programs are based on specialized treatment protocols for a variety of dwellings ( single-family, multifamily, office space ) as well as furnishing and decor of home or office.