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      • We are 100% dedicated to bed bug extermination. That is pretty much all we do!
      • Best Google Reviews 
      • Free Pest Identification
      • Unmatched value if you consider what we offer
      • We work around your schedule
      • Highly experienced in dealing with rental units protecting both residents and owners
      • Our specialized equipment allows minimizing bed bug migration between adjoining apartments, saving you $$
      • Our company structure and use of technology translate to your savings $$
      • Owner present at ALL treatment sites
      • Absolutely No “Spray and Pray” approach
      • Only the most effective well tested and safe methods
      • K&A Pest Control had been offering bed bug extermination longer than most companies
      • 12 Months Guarantee
      • Full site preparation
      • We can safely treat EVERY item that is infected including electronics, shoes, books, etc.
      • Extensive use of bed bug monitoring and trapping devices eliminates the need for unnecessary treatments
      • We can save ANY piece of infested furniture saving you $100s or $1000s
      • Often we are hired to do where the services of other companies failed. Why pay twice?
      • We use highly specialized equipment to treat any situation including wall voids
      • We use our knowledge and experience to limit the amount of laundry you will have to do
      • A follow-up visit to make sure the treatment is successful
      • You don’t have to leave your house
      • Immediate 95% bed bug population reduction on the very first day!
      • Since the vast majority of pesticides don’t work at all on bed bugs we use 100% effective and 100% safe mechanical and thermal methods
      • Ongoing 7 days a week 24/7 support
      • Hundreds of successful treatments every year.
      • Vast experience and knowledge supported by the highest Bed Bug-Free accreditation
      • Licensed and insured in RI, Mass, CT and FL
      • We speak multiple languages
      • Our service vehicles will arrive unmarked so you don’t have to avoid your neighbors
      • We treat single and multifamily homes as well as apartment complexes, offices, and vehicles

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Bed Bug Extermination Services

We are the best bed bug extermination service in RI and Mass. Today it seems every pest control company wants to get involved in bed bug extermination, which wasn’t the case over ten years ago when we dedicated ourselves to killing bed bugs and when bed bugs started again after 40 plus years, to become a problem. All other pest companies providing bed bug control will use one method only. Most will rely on pesticide treatment exclusively, and literally one will offer heat treatment only. We encourage you to visit independent research sites provided by entomology departments ( the science of insects ) offered by Purdue University or Kentucky University rather than rely on claims made by pest control companies or pesticide manufacturers. Compare our bed bug extermination methods to methods other companies use. Which one is more consistent with the independent research of scientists who dedicated their careers to pest control? It is more important to perform bed bug control right than right away, therefore, do your homework before you commit your hard-earned money.


Why hire K&A Pest Control to exterminate bed bugs?

From the very early days, 14 years ago, we have decided to become the best specialty bed bug detection and extermination company focused exclusively on the safest and most effective bed bug extermination. Before our services were offered, we had gone through very detailed training provided by bed bug industry leader Jeff White working with Bed Bug Central earning a coveted BED BUG-FREE accreditation years before other local companies even started treating for bed bugs. Many of today’s competitors for years have refused to offer bed bug service due to a lack of knowledge, and experience, and let’s be frank, in their opinion it simply takes too much effort.

Steaming Bud Bugs
Steaming Furniture

Our bed bug service consists of full site preparation, a follow-up treatment scheduled approximately 3 weeks after the initial visit, and a FULL 12-month guarantee. As indicated earlier bed bugs are highly resistant to existing pesticides and develop immunity to new pesticides within two generations. For that reason, we don’t use pesticides and we don’t limit our bed bug treatment protocol to one product or the other, but rather use every effective tool available.

Bed Bug Treatment
Steaming Bed Bug Infested Couch

Starting with mechanical methods like encasements for your bed and box spring, which eliminate all eggs and live bed bugs by encapsulation (chemical treatment on your mattress is legally prohibited), through the use of dry steam at very high temperatures ( kills all life stages and eggs on contact ). These encasements also allow for much better monitoring and detection. Bed bugs simply cannot adapt to mechanical methods which is why we use them.

Bed Bug Treatment
Installing Bed Bug Approved Mattress Encasement

Utilizing well-designed bed bug monitors and traps is a crucial component in effectively managing and exterminating bed bug infestations. These tools serve several vital functions, the foremost being the early and even more importantly ongoing detection of bed bugs.  Properly designed and placed monitors are especially useful in identifying bed bug presence in environments where they are not easily visible, such as hotels, dormitories, and residential homes.

Monitor Installation

Well-designed bed bug monitors offer a non-intrusive method of confirming the presence of bed bugs. They are typically placed strategically where bed bugs are likely to travel or hide, such as near beds, furniture, and baseboards. These devices not only aid in the initial detection but also play a significant role in ongoing surveillance, providing insights into the effectiveness of the extermination efforts.

Moreover, the use of such traps can significantly reduce the reliance on chemical treatments. By effectively capturing bed bugs, these monitors can help pinpoint specific infested areas, allowing for targeted treatments. This targeted approach can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, reducing the need for widespread pesticide use, which can have health and environmental implications.

In addition to aiding professionals in extermination efforts, bed bug monitors also provide peace of mind to individuals living in infested environments. The knowledge that an effective monitoring system is in place can alleviate the anxiety and stress associated with bed bug infestations. In summary, well-designed bed bug monitors and traps are indispensable tools in the early detection, management, and successful eradication of bed bug infestations, playing a critical role in professional pest control strategies and personal residential protection.

Trapping/monitoring devices we use, keep trapping bed bugs 24/7, 365 days a year providing invaluable information in regards to the direction in which bed bugs are moving as well as the progress of the bed bug treatment.


To further our knowledge and commitment, we continue participating in bed bug-related seminars offered through the National Pest Management Association, which we have been a member of for many years. To better serve our clients we constantly evaluate new pesticides and devices aiming at elimination of bed bugs.

bed bug life stages

We utilize a variety of mechanical methods like mattress and box spring encasements, monitoring/trapping devices, and dry steam.

The importance of using the highest quality mattress and box spring encasements specifically designed for bed bugs cannot be overstated in the realm of bed bug management and prevention. These encasements serve as a fundamental barrier between bed bugs and their most common hiding places – mattresses and box springs. The use of premium-quality, bed bug-specific encasements is a critical aspect in both the prevention of bed bug infestations and the management of existing ones.

Firstly, these encasements are designed to trap bed bugs that are already present inside mattresses or box springs, effectively cutting off their access to food sources – namely, humans. This entrapment strategy is crucial in stopping the growth and reproduction of bed bugs, thereby containing the spread of infestation. High-quality encasements are built with sturdy materials that are impervious to the small size of bed bugs, ensuring that these pests cannot penetrate or escape the encased bedding. The zippers are very tight and attached in a fashion that will not allow bed bugs to get in or get out. 

Moreover, these encasements simplify the process of identifying and dealing with bed bug infestations. With the mattress and box spring fully encased, bed bugs are forced to reside on the outside of the encasement, making them easier to detect and eliminate. This visibility is vital in early detection, which is key to preventing widespread infestations. Early detection leads to more effective and less costly extermination efforts.

Another significant aspect of using top-quality encasements is their role in prevention. For places at high risk of bed bug infestations, such as hotels, dormitories, and apartment buildings, using these encasements on mattresses and box springs can preemptively reduce the likelihood of bed bug establishment. They act as a first line of defense, protecting against the introduction of bed bugs by new occupants or from neighboring infestations.

High-quality bed bug encasements also offer additional benefits. They often protect against allergens, dust mites, and other pests, contributing to a healthier sleeping environment. Furthermore, they extend the life of mattresses and box springs by safeguarding against wear and tear, spills, and stains.

In conclusion, investing in the highest quality bed bug-approved mattress and box spring encasements is a wise decision for both individuals and commercial entities. It’s a proactive measure that significantly contributes to bed bug management, enhances early detection capabilities, and offers peace of mind through effective prevention. This strategic approach is an integral part of a comprehensive bed bug control program, underscoring the crucial role these encasements play in both the protection against and the mitigation of bed bug infestations.

steaming bed bugs on bed frame



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To provide ongoing, residual protection we use a variety of dusts, which have a unique way of removing the protective layer on the bed bug’s body and absorbing its body fluids leading to 100% bed bug mortality within 24 hours.

We also offer specialized treatment for items like electronics, shoes, books, and pocketbooks that cannot be treated using the methods discussed earlier. Approximately 95% of work is performed during our first visit and 95% of infestation will be eliminated during that day. In most cases, two visits suffice but we will schedule a third one to make sure the treatment was successful. The whole treatment is guaranteed for 12 months!



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