Future Prevention or Reoccuring Bed Bug Prevention
When traveling both outside of and within the country be sure to inspect hotel rooms to ensure they are free of bed bugs. Inspect the bed , box spring and the mattress , paying close attention to the mattress piping, plastic protective cups on the corners of the box spring, and the headboard. When returning home, bag and launder all clothing and be sure to inspect suitcases for bed bugs – this task should be completed outside or in the garage.
Do not buy used furniture , electronics or beds unless you can verify their origin and are confident they are free of bed bugs.
Periodically perform an inspection of your home focusing on the sleeping quarters and inspecting the bed and furniture in close proximity to the bed ( 4 feet ). If you had a mattress and/or box spring bed bug approved cover installed do not open it unless it was damaged and you plan to discard it and replace with another bed bug approved cover.
Bed bugs often hide in cracks and crevices, prefer wood and texture fabric. Bed bugs are highly mobile but typically remain close to the host.

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