Bed Bug

Bed Bug Extermination

We offer a number of choices to address any bed bug problem. All of our bed bug solutions are based on Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ) principles and can be customized to address your needs and budget.

How To Remove Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Inspection

We thoroughly inspect the premises, starting in bedrooms. All mattresses , box springs, night stands and other furniture is visually examined for presence of bed bugs, cast skins ( product of molting from one nymph stage to another ), eggs, fecal and blood stains. Your bedroom is where the wast majority of bed bug activity will be found. Depending on the results of this inspection we may recommend inspection of adjacent units ( in multifamily buildings ).

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

If our inspection confirmed bed bug infestation, before the treatment is scheduled, we will ask you to remove any items you don’t want our technicians to see. In majority of situations we will bag all that is necessary in special, clear, durable plastic bags. Clear plastic bags will make your life easier by being able to see what the bag contains without having to open one. Each bag will have special instructions sheet attached to them so you will know exactly how to wash/dry clothes. Some bags containing ( electronics and other items that can not be washed ) will be marked “Fumigant – To be Opened by K&A Staff Only” . You or your residents will not have to spend all weekend doing laundry and bagging all of their belongings. Rather than taking “carpet bombing” approach to bed bug extermination,we will strike with surgical precision. Our highly trained technicians will answer any questions you, unit occupant or property manager may have.

Bed Bug Treatment

At this point we will suggest treatment protocol we think will best suit the situation. In most cases vacuuming followed by a dry steam treatment for your mattress and box spring, upholstered furniture and edges of the carpet will be used. This will provide an immediate and very significant bed bug eggs and bed bug reduction and at the same time avoid unnecessary use of pesticides.

You must remember that bed bugs are very pesticide resistant, therefore, other non-pesticide based methods must be used in conjunction.

Subsequently, a variety of eco-friendly products and effective, safe, and state and federally approved products can be used. From liquid pesticides, combined with insect growth regulator ( IGR ) and/or various synergists to improve efficacy of the treatment, to more natural sprays and dusts, we have all the tools, knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Follow-up & Bed Bug Control and Prevention

Depending on the temperature in approximately 9-14 days, a followup visit will be scheduled. The unfortunate first treatment bed bug survivors will be vanquished and your piece of mind restored. Some situations may require more treatments before that point is reached. Each bed and mattress will be equipped with a protective encasement and monitoring devices will be installed under all bed legs.These monitoring devices will trap any bed bugs coming to your bed or moving away from your bed. The design of these devices allows us to determine in which direction bed bugs are heading.

Prevention is an integral part of any well coordinated treatment protocol. With so many potential sources for re-infestation, education is the weapon of choice. This weapon will be used to dismiss many popular myths first, and then explain logical, scientific, and well tested strategies to protect yourself and your apartment/house from these unwelcome guests.