Often times people who call us ask the question “How much does bed bug extermination cost ?” before any other questions pertaining to our methodology, experience and last but not least the guarantee are asked.

The short answer is , bed bug service for a typical 2 bedroom and a living room apartment ( I did not use a term  extermination for a reason ) can cost anywhere from $400 per each treatment without prep work and without any guarantee, all the way to over $2000 for a full service which may consist of multiple visits, apartment preparation and a long term guarantee.

As you can see there is a wide gap between the lowest and the highest . In my opinion based on hundreds of bed bug treatments , deep knowledge of the market place and what kills bed bugs, the low represents the “spray and pray ” approach . You pay per application per room without any room preparation and without any quarantine . Does it work ? If you consider the fact that bed bugs are highly pesticide resistant and prefer to occupy cracks and crevices rather than stay in the open , than you will not be surprised that it seldom works . Remember you are paying per treatment per room . Often, to see any results,  3 or more applications must be performed so the costs ads up quickly . Remember , still no guarantee . 

That does not mean that by paying over $2000 or so you are guaranteed quick, painless and complete bed bug elimination . The details are very important which is why you need to know the right questions to ask when you reach out to pest control companies . 

First , ask if they perform bed bug treatments ? How many have they done in last 6 months or so? Most importantly ask about their methodology . Do they use mattress and box spring Encasements? Do they offer room preparation ? How about monitoring devices to keep them honest and minimize opinions rather than facts ? What other mechanical means of bed bug population reduction do they offer ( steam, whole house heat treatment ) ? How about treatment of electronics , books , shoes etc ? The list goes on …

Why so many questions you may ask . It is because not one customer thinks they will have to pay twice or more times to solve the bed bug problem . Here at K&A Pest Control we hear the story of failed treatments performed by other bed bug exterminators quite often .  

Don’t take my word for what works and what does not . Get unbiased opinion from university research with vibrant entomology departments ( Perdue https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/bedbugs/knowTheFacts.php)  or Kentucky  https://entomology.ca.uky.edu/ef636 ) rather than from a slick salesperson .              Good customer is an educated customer ! 

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