Only time will tell !!!

Thomas explained what needed to be done. So far we have found two live bedbugs and more than a dozen dead ones on and around Donna's recliner. A live one was found in the hall closet requiring total removal, wash and dry oh all the clothes that was in it.

Hello Rusty, thank you for your review . As you hopefully remember , i did state ( also stated in the contract ) that your beds are 100% immediate as we can place encasements on the mattress and the box spring and the monitors under the legs of the beds. As far as the rest of the house it is a process. We spend quite a bit of time at your home steaming the furniture but since there is no way to place encesements nor monitors under those , it simply takes a little bit more time. Bed bug's biology and feeding habits will kick in and lure them towards to traps placed under the legs of your beds. Please be patient and we will see you in a week as stated in the contract .

 by AG on K&A Pest Control
Fast, safe, amazing service

Thomas and his team were incredibly knowledgeable and respectful of my home. They quickly came to action to protect my home from infestation and could not have been easier to work with. They truly made an awful situation easy and gave me a sense of peace. Highly recommended!

Thank you very much for your review . I'm glad we were able to put it all behind you. Should you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to us.


I am so glad I looked on line and found K&A Pest Control. I spoke to Thomas he assured that they are the best. He was not kidding. Jeff came and did such a thorough job at my 2 family and my cars. We could stay in the house, we did not have prepare anything, he did everything! My cats could stay here as well so I didn’t have to board them for the day.. I spent so much money on these bed bug products that are “guaranteed” to work. I wasted so much money. I wish I found them first! None of those products worked, I think the bed bugs started liking those products. Those products did nothing. Save your money and hire them ASAP. I wish I did! Don’t wait, it will save you a lot of aggravation!

Hello Sandra, Thank you for this detailed review. Your words, I'm sure will help many people in your situation. I could not say it better "THERE ARE NO PESTICIDES EFFECTIVE FOR BED BUGS" even those that will hurt your and your family's health will not deliver the results you desire. We will see you at the follow up in 2 weeks .Best Regards,Thomas

 by Evan on K&A Pest Control
He could have sold me his effective treatment

so…. I purchased a used RV, and when I got home I seen several bugs that were not moving in the bunk next to the mattress. Right away I thought Bed Bugs.!! as I know bedbugs are very difficult to get rid of I was recommended to call Thomas. He was very polite and thorough over the phone even though he was pretty sure they were not Bed Bugs he still spent the time to talk to me. He was extremely honest and wanted to make sure. He had me send him some pictures honestly he could've sold me an expensive treatment. After reviewing the pictures. He contacted me and reassured me that I have nothing to fear. It was just a stink bug. Lol. Thank you Thomas

Thank you Evan, glad we could help.

Tom and his team are lifesavers and exceptional at ridding your home of unwanted creatures. From the moment I reached out Tom was very communicative and assured me his team could help. He was absolutely correct. K&A offers a 1 year guarantee on their services and their follow up is impeccable. The entire team who treated my home was professional, efficient, and helpful with information and instruction. I highly recommend. One of my pet peeves is follow up and communication and Tom and team really came through. They are incredibly responsive and I appreciate that.

Hello Cori, thank you for taking the time to write this review. I'm very glad we could help. Regards, Thomas

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