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"...after speaking to Thomas at K&A Pest Control, we learned that the apartment building my mother-in-law lives in was probably infested and the bed bugs actually found their way from the apartment next door into my mother-in-laws place. And as unbelievable as that sounds, it was true because K&A Pest Control resolved the problem."
— Ann, Worcester MA.
"...their price was reasonable and lower than the two other quotes we received, however, K&A Pest Control guarantee was longer . K&A Pest Control showed up on time, clean uniforms and very professional. All of our upholstered furniture and beds were steam cleaned. Thomas, the owner was present throughout the entire process."
— Debra, Providence RI.

Bed Bug Pest Control

K & A Pest Control was created to provide cost effective, results based pest control. Pest Control in not a rocket science ... even though most exterminators would have you believe that. Whether it is a bed bug, cockroach, ant or a flea you loose your sleep over we can help.

Common Bed Bugs in RI & MA

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How to remove Bed Bugs

We offer a number of choices to address any bed bug problem. All of them are based on Integrated Pest Managment (IPM) and can be customized to address your needs and budget;

Bed Bug Inspection

We thoroughly inspect the premises, starting with beds, mattresses and other furniture in your bedroom since that is where vast majority of bed bugs will be found. At this time we may also recommend inspection of adjoining units.

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

If our inspection confirmed bed bug infestation, before the treatment is scheduled, we will ask you to remove any items you don't want our technicians to see. In majority of situations we will bag all that is necessary only nothing else. Items that were bagged will have a detailed instructions sheet attached to them. You or your residents will not have to spend all weekend doing laundry and bagging all of your belongings. Rather than taking "carpet bombing " approach to bed bug treatment, we will strike with surgical precision. We will answer any questions unit occupant or the property manager may have.

Bed Bug Treatment

At this point we will suggest treatment protocol we think will best suit the situation. In most cases a dry steam treatment for your mattress and box spring, upholstered furniture and edges of the carpet will be used. This will provide an immediate and very significant reduction of bed bug and bed bug egg population, and avoid unnecessary use of pesticides. Subsequently, a variety of eco friendly products or safe, state and federally approved products can be used. From liquid pesticides, combined with insect growth regulator and/or various synergists to improve efficacy of the treatment, to more natural sprays and dusts, we have all the tools needed to get the job done.

Follow-up & Bed Bug Control and Prevention

In approximately 10-14 days follow-up visit and treatment should be scheduled. The unfortunate survivors of the first treatment will be vanquished and your piece of mind restored. Some situations require more treatments before that point is reached. Each bed will be equipped with a protective and monitoring devices which will trap any bed bugs coming to or leaving your bed. Prevention is an integral part of controlling bed bug population. With so many potential sources for reinfestation, education is the best weapon. We will explain how to protect yourself and your apartment/house from these unwelcomed guests.

Serving Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Whether our clients own/rent residential or commercial space, small studio apartment or a sprawling estate, sole proprietor or thousands of square feet of commercial space, K & A delivers pest solutions through sound evaluation and problem solving .

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