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Bed Bugs removal

Thomas did a fantastic job with this task, he is a
Gentimen and a hard worker, he explained the process
is very knowledgable on removing Bed Bugs, K&As service
is by far is the Best that I have found for this process. his
profesionalism, Honesty and Integrity was fantastic.
Thank you Thomas for all your help and support in this matter
I recommend K&A to anyone in need for remove of
Bed Bugs, thank God no more Bed Bug bites. Kutos !!

Hello Dick,Thank you for your kind words. We do our best to deliver on our promise each and every time.I will see you in a couple of weeks for the follow up.


Tomas did an excellent job!! He’s a total man of his word and the task of tackling the infestation surly didn’t t scare him…. One of the few people that I’ve dealt with various household tasks That was for sure the five star that I rated him..

Tomas did an excellent job. Ny apt was totally infested with bedbugs..the task Ia head of him I thought would be a real. Challenge…but not for Tomas my apartment to my it’s queen and livable. Once again if you have a problem in your dwelling, such as I had, you could rest assure that you won’t have to worry about the person you hired and you won’t have to worry about the day after he left because your home will be livable from one to 10 I give him a 12 very few people like him, besides follow up appearances to make sure that everything is the way he promised it would be

Hello Anne,Thank you for your kind words. Glad we could help.I will see you in 3 weeks or so.Regards,Thomas

Pesty Pest

I contacted Thomas after having my house tented by another company. There is no guarantee or treatment offered if the problem reoccured. Which it did. Then I tried the heat treatment. I had to pick up the equipment And figure out the set up. 2 days of moving heaters and the problem came back. Again no guarantee is offered by that company. After spending over 5k still had an issue. I found Thomas thru google. And I'm glad I did. He guaranteed retreatment if there was another issue. I didn’t have to prep like I did for the other 2 procedures as it was included in the K&A Pest Control offer.  Thomas comes highly recommended by me!

Hello Sarah,Thank you for your kind words. They are very rewarding especially coming from you who experienced a chemical treatment, then full fumigation with tenting and then heat treatment by different companies only to be stuck with bed bug problem still there.I'm glad we could help.Should you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to us.Regards,Thomas

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