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Our experience with KA has been outstanding! We we treated with care and concern. Everything was well explained. We were never judged. Thomas was kind. He explained every process in detail.
After being infestedand bitten constantly we were down to one or 2 bites a day for a couple days and then nothing. The bugs were gone! We followed the given directions. Now, a moth later, we have no evidence of bugs in the monitors. We have no bites.

KA gives a guarantee if you follow their directions and procedures. No other company that I looked into does this.

In the end I must say that I trust this company. I highly recommend this company. I am very comfortable hiring them. I rate this company triple A. AAA+. Use KA Pest Control with full confidence!!!!!

Hello Beth, Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad we could help. See you tomorrow for the follow up visit.Regards,Thomas


Well here it is folks. If you want it done right, then you better get it done by someone who is not afraid to fight these creatures head on. He knows their behavior and to win this war, you got to know your enemy. Listen to his instructions . Yes, the work is hard and tedious, he does it for you! but it must be done or they will NEVER go away. They are relentless MFers. Ask questions . . . this man named Thomas, knows his s_ _ t. He is very matter of fact and takes care of business.

Is it expensive? Yes! But what is your peace of mind worth? His method of getting these bugs goes like this: LET THEM COME TO YOU. Why? Because THEY NEED YOU and YOU NEED THEM . . . DEAD! So let Thomas be your Sheriff and he WILL GET THE JOB DONE!
Day of treatment . . . no new bites . . . that should say something

Thank You Thomas!

Hello Lizette,Thank you for the review. Yes, the new Sheriff is in town ...state, 4 of them to be exact :)The true cost of bed bug problem is not the obvious price of the treatment, but the psychological, the emotional and what follows every single time the physical trauma.Most of it can be avoided with basic understanding of the biology and bed bug feeding habits and the fact that there ARE NO PESTICIDES that are effective and safe for bed bugs ... NONE!See you on Wednesday at a follow up visit . Regards, Thomas

Bed Bugs removal

Thomas did a fantastic job with this task, he is a
Gentimen and a hard worker, he explained the process
is very knowledgable on removing Bed Bugs, K&As service
is by far is the Best that I have found for this process. his
profesionalism, Honesty and Integrity was fantastic.
Thank you Thomas for all your help and support in this matter
I recommend K&A to anyone in need for remove of
Bed Bugs, thank God no more Bed Bug bites. Kutos !!

Hello Dick,Thank you for your kind words. We do our best to deliver on our promise each and every time.I will see you in a couple of weeks for the follow up.

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