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My mom was sick w cancer, underwent several surgeries when she realized she had bed bugs from the weekly medical facility visits. Thomas was awesome from the start. He was quick to respond to my frantic call, very thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. After the first treatment, he always followed up to see how we were doing and what was the status with the bug issue. He came when he said he would and was always on time. It only took two treatments because on my mom's pesky cat. He is running a business, but he also realizes he's dealing with people and their lives. Heaven forbid we ever run into that problem again, he would be my first and only call. He can help! Trust me. Thank you, Thomas for your kindness and professionalism. Both went a long way!

K & A Pest Control were the answer to my prayers. I had taken some medications for a rash wherein I developed an adverse drug reaction with hives covering my skin. During that period I found a bug in my bed. I panicked and assumed that it was a bed bug. I called two pest control companies, spoke to secretarial staff. On a Saturday at 5pm I phoned K & A as they had a 6 month guarantee and great reviews also specializing in bed bugs. WOW! Thomas the manager answered the phone and was extremely informative and professional. I could not believe how available and reassuring he was. He came to my apt. to inspect my home and could find no nasty bugs, thank Heaven. I had a few more questions and phoned Thomas the following day. I already had paid him. He didn't have to speak with me. He took the time and again answered all of my questions. I would never hesitate to utilize this company. The thought of bedbugs is scary. I was literally depressed and I am a medical professional. If you have bed bugs Thomas is your go to person. I cannot say enough about the courtesy and the professionalism I received. He is a wealth of knowledge. I will definitely refer him to people who encounter this problem. Thank you a million times Thomas. You were blessed with a great talent & I can't say enough about the way you treat your clients. A real class act. Do not hesitate to contact. You won't be sorry.

Bed Bugs

I met Tom in February for a bed bug inspection. He is extremely knowledgeable ,honest and professional. In the last three months, every time I contacted him he quickly replies to my questions and will back to the home if needed. He has given my family a piece of mind which is priceless! I highly recommend K &A. Pest Control. Thank you Tom!

K&Apest Control

I would like to commend K&A on their services. Thomas is very educated and informative on the life and extermination of bed bugs. It has been 4 weeks now and there haven't been any signs of activity. He keeps in contact to see how things are progressing. I would definitely recommend K&A to anyone. I am very happy with their service. Thank you Thomas

Great service !!

I called another company before I called K& A and K&A  definitely proved to me to be a better choice. The minute I called and scheduled an appointment they were here on the spot. They kept up with their check ups and treatments to keep me sure that there was a six month guarantee.

K&A Pest Control offered me a 6 months guarantee and I felt good about that

K&A Pest Control was not a first pest control company I called to deal with our bed bug problem. In fact, we had service performed by two different exterminators without much success but at a considerable expense. In January, Thomas at K&A Pest Control offered me a 6 months guarantee and I felt good about that. They performed a first treatment within a week and 2 more treatments two weeks apart, leaving monitoring devices in each room ( under bed legs ). It has been more than 6 months since the last treatment and the entire building is still free of bed bugs. Since March, K&A Pest Control also has treated our building successfully for mice. You are on my speed dial. Thank you Thomas.

Effective treament

Called K&A Pest Control very early in the AM after finding them via Google. By 8:30 AM, the owner called back and explained how they go about bed bug extermination. I was impressed by his confidence and knowledge. Two days later no more bytes. Bed bug extermination was not cheap but definitely effective.

I could tell by the way he searched for the bugs and what he did once he found them that he knew what he was doing.

I WANT TO START BY SAYING HOW AWESOME TOM IS!!!! I called this company because both my apartment & my downstairs neighbor’s apartment were infested with bedbugs. Just to give everyone a background. I have been in my apartment for 3 years and have never had issues but my neighbors were fairly new and I believe they brought the bed bugs in. I do understand that this is not my landlord’s fault per se but the law states if two or more apartments have bedbugs then it is the landlord’s responsibility. I called my landlord whom stated he came to my house and discovered nothing. Mind you my neighbor has caught the bedbugs in her daughter’s crib! Furious my landlord could care less not only about us as tenants but for the safety of the children. Since both my neighbor and myself caught the darn bedbugs and put them in a jar we then went to an exterminator who identified them as bedbugs. However, I was told I must have a professional find the bedbugs for legal reasons. I called the original exterminator I had the bugs into but he took too long to reply so I then found this company. Tom was amazing right away! He was extremely informative on bedbugs and gave me a lot of helpful info. He then came out maybe an hour later to check the house. I could tell by the way he searched for the bugs and what he did once he found them that he knew what he was doing. If you want no BS and want someone who’s honest this is the company to call! I must say in a situation like mine where you feel helpless it was comforting to know someone out there cared!

K &A pest control was the best choice to rid my rental property of these pest .

I did my research on bed bug control and found K &A pest control was the best choice to rid my rental property of these pest . Thomas the owner specializes in bed bug control and his results after treatment are the proof. His prices are fair and has a 6 month guarantee on the treatment. If you have a bedbug problem this is the company to call, professional and thorough on inspections and treatments.

I will definitely recommend Thomas and K&A Pest Control to family and friends if they ever need it.

Thomas was great. He worked well with my tenants and property manager…and best of all, he seems to have been extremely effective.You can tell he takes pride in what he does. He follows a well thought out process he follows and backs it up with a warranty. His price is higher than some, but once he explains his process, you’ll understand why I say he’s a good value.I will definitely recommend Thomas and K&A Pest Control to family and friends if they ever need it.

K&A Pest Control responded right away and took care of things immediately.

We needed immediate help with a bedbug problem, and K&A Pest Control responded right away and took care of things immediately. The owner, Thomas, was present at all times and personally handled all of the treatments. He explained their methodologies, how we can solve the current problem and prevent future infestations. Best of all, they did not have to use dangerous chemicals that could potentially harm our children and pets. I cannot say enough good things about this company and would recommend them to anyone looking to exterminate unwanted pests from their home!

K&A was very professional, friendly

Thomas from K&A was very professional, friendly, and followed up to make sure that the issue was completely solved. I highly recommend them!!

Thank you!

Just a few words to express my gratitude to K&A Pest Control and Thomas who handled a bed bug infestation in our building.

Highly recommended their service

We own a 9 unit apartment building in Springfield Mass. Early in this year one of our residents reported insect problem and we sent local exterminator immediately. In March we received two more calls from upset residents of that building reporting nocturnal bugs that bite. We called our friend in Somerville Mass who had his apartment building treated only a few months earlier for a similar reason. He told us about K&A Pest Control and highly recommended their service. All of the apartments affected were treated on the same day in early April. K&A Pest Control managed the entire process for us. From proper resident notifications, instructions and actually following up with each family on treatment progress. K&A Pest Control even suggested we make our building’s laundry facility free to residents for a month due to a considerable amount of washing and drying that was required of our residents as a part of the treatment, in order to get better cooperation. My wife and I received a treatment report after each visit via email. Within 4 weeks all of the apartments were bed bug-free. It has been almost 4 months, and we feel very comfortable recommending K&A Pest Control to anyone with a bed bug problem. Their professionalism and expertise are commendable.

Thank you for your expertise and integrity

I called K&A Pest Control at 11 PM at night just to leave a message. I was so upset about finding a bed bug in my bed. I found Thomas’s company on the internet and did not expect to hear from anyone until the next morning. I received a call back within 5 minutes and the inspection was scheduled for 8:30 AM next morning. By 9:15 AM the inspection was completed and my piece of mind restored. What I thought was a bed bug turned out to be a beetle. Thank you for your expertise and integrity.

Their price was reasonable and lower than the two other quotes we received

I was terrified when I found bed bug bites on my five-year son and I heard they were very hard and expensive to get rid of but I called K&A Pest Control and they got rid of them completely. We only had to leave the house for less than an hour. There were no strange odors ( it actually smelled very pleasant ) Their price was reasonable and lower than the two other quotes we received, however, K&A Pest Control guarantee was longer. K&A Pest Control showed up on time, clean uniforms and very professional. All of our upholstered furniture and beds were steam cleaned. Thomas, the owner was present throughout the entire process.

K&A Pest Control resolved our problem

Thomas and K&A Pest Control resolved our problem with bed bugs efficiently and to our and our resident's satisfaction.

K & A Pest Control is amazing.

K & A Pest Control is amazing. When a friend of mine had to have her house treated for bedbugs, she thought I might have brought them home with me. I suspected the same and called another company for a free inspection. The inspector was rude, unprofessional, and seemed very uninformed about bedbugs. I went on K & A’s website and signed up for a document that gave advice on “what to do when you think you have bedbugs.” Through this sign-up, the owner, Thomas, emailed me personally and asked about my problem. I explained my dilemma, of how I believed the previous inspector missed the bugs and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own bed. Thomas was very understanding, patient, and came by the next day to double check. His inspection was thorough. He checked everything: bed, mattress, cracks, bags, closet… (not just the mattress like the other inspector). I could tell he was determined to find a problem to fix. He did not discover evidence of bedbugs, but graciously came by the next day to set up monitors and install the appropriate mattress covers. Luckily, I ended up not having a bedbug problem – just a big scare, but Thomas gave me peace of mind and that is priceless!

K&A Pest Control resolved the problem.

When my mother-in-law’s apartment got infested with bed bugs, my husband and I couldn’t believe it because she does not leave her place. And except for occasional doctors visit she is totally dependent on us to bring her everything she needs. But after speaking to Thomas at K&A Pest Control, we learned that the apartment building my mother-in-law lives in was probably infested and the bed bugs actually found their way from the apartment next door into my mother-in-law's place. And as unbelievable as that sounds, it was true because K&A Pest Control resolved the problem.

2 thumbs up to K&A pest control

I’d like to give 2 thumbs up to K&A pest control. After having had another company come in and try to get rid of my bedbug and roach problem and only making things worse. I called K&A pest control and they got rid of my bug problem, now I can sleep without worrying about getting bitten. Thank yo K&A