We offer residential and commercial bed bug inspections.


Severity of bed bugs infestations vary from very small early stage to what we call “raining bed bugs” where you can clearly see them in the wall/ceiling corners, light fixtures etc

Early stage of bed bug infestations can be very difficult to detect even to the trained and experienced technician.

Consequences of missing even the smallest infestation can be very costly and upsetting considering that a single bed bug can produce up to 250 eggs in its lifetime.

Under normal conditions with temp around 65 deg. F a full life cycle from an egg through 6 life stages to a new egg is around 75 days. When temperatures exceed 75 deg F, that time span can shorten to as little as 14 DAYS. That is 5 times as many bed bugs in the same period of time

Often times a short interview with the residents can help narrow down the area and expedite the detection of bed bugs

Our vast experience in detecting and exterminating bed bugs allowed us to develop a process which is 100% conclusive. If a detailed inspection of the premises does not detect any evidence of bed bugs, we will install monitoring devices in strategic places ensuring 24/7 detection.

Often times the only evidence we are presented with is the bite marks. Many times the specific 3-4 bite marks in close proximity ( about and inch apart ) are very clear indication. However, people’s responses to bed bug bites and the proteins bed bugs inject with its saliva range from no response at all to anaphylactic shock in extreme situations.

In most cases redness with some swelling with severe itching results.